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Welcome to Off Road 4X4 Queenstown,a Family Owned and Operated Business offering scenic adventure Lord of the Rings tours

Accessing Queenstown hidden scenic gems means leaving the highway and taking to the back roads to unveil a world you’d never know existed. As a local family owned and operated business and with years of local knowledge our Off Road 4×4 Queenstown’s guides know how to navigate the long-forgotten adventure trails to amazing gold rush settlements and stunning scenery now forever captured on film by Lord of the Rings. A wealth of facts, figures and anecdotes brings the history and movie productions back to life before your eyes telling the enthralling story of how the Lord of the Rings movies came to be in Queenstown and New Zealand.

  • > iPad 提供中文视频解说
  • > Each 4wd vehicle in the fleet combines off road performance with optimum comfort
  • > Forward-facing seats in each 4X4 ensure nobody misses out on the very best views
  • > Trip includes a hearty picnic lunch in astonishing scenery
  • > Multimedia presentations of Lord of the Rings scenic tour locations with movie clips and commentary
  • > Pick-up and drop-off to your accommodation in and around Queenstown NZ

“Great fun, very interesting tour with Tony. Really enjoyed the background stories around the shooting of Lord of the Rings…”

- Andrea Schneinecker, Austria

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Wakatipu- Discovery of the Rings 4X4 Tour   $165, kids 1/2 price

Glenorchy- Discovery of the Rings 4x4 Tour  $165, kids 1/2 price

Wakatipu Wine Adventure  $165, kids 1/2 price

Skippers Canyon 4X4 Tour  $165, kids 1/2 price

Highlights 4X4 Scenic Tour  Only $109 & kids 1/2 price!


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